TEAM Offers New Training Courses for Clients

An essential part of any drug testing program is education. Both supervisors and employees should be educated on substance abuse in the workplace. TEAM offers clients complete program management services, including education tools for both you and your employees.

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TEAM partners with Visify to offer clients a convenient, user-friendly solution for employer and employee education. Visify is an eLearning platform designed to educate today’s workforce about substance abuse in the workplace and to empower managers and supervisors to effectively use substance abuse testing in protecting their employees and workplace.

TEAM is always looking for new ways to serve our clients, and we’re excited to add three new courses to our training program.

Medications & Safety Training for Managers

This course is designed for DERs, front-line managers, and managers in the fields of HR, Safety, Risk Management, Labor & Employee Relations, and employer medical departments. In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify key components of a policy on prescription drugs
  • Define to whom the medication policy should and should not apply
  • Ensure you have the appropriate medication consultation to advise on fitness for duty matters
  • Provide appropriate employee privacy protections in your policy
  • Implement effective employee awareness education on medications and safety
  • Benchmark your workplace policy against industry-wide best practices

Medications & Safety Training for Employees

This course is specifically designed to educate employees about prescription drug abuse, the potential risks of abusing prescription drugs, and the steps to responsible medication use. Course topics include:

  • Illegal vs Legal Drugs
  • Medications in the Workplace
  • Drug Use, Misuse and Abuse
  • Safety Risks
  • Prescription Drug Side Effects
  • Personal Responsibility

Supervisor Refresher Training

As a supervisor, this Drug-Free Workplace refresher course will teach you the critical roles and responsibilities you have in the reasonable suspicion testing process, including how to:

  • Identify signs, symptoms, and indicators of substance abuse.
  • Initiate a reasonable suspicion test.
  • Document your observations correctly.
  • Reduce liability in sensitive situations while balancing employee rights.

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