Eliminate Mistakes by Ordering Drug Tests

Often times mistakes happen at collection sites because tests are not ordered in TEAM’s system and the donor doesn’t have proper paperwork. In order to reduce collection site errors, TEAM encourages all clients to order tests in the system.

To order a test all you need is the first name, last name and SSN or Employee ID of the donor. The ordering process is user-friendly and takes 2-4 minutes. Below, we’ve outlined the benefits of ordering tests in TEAM’s system.

Reduces Billing, Results & Test Issues

When a test is ordered in the system, an authorization form is generated. The donor takes the authorization form with them to the collection site. The collector uses this form as a guide for the test.

The form outlines which tests are needed (Urine drug, breath alcohol, hair test, etc.) as well as where the results and invoices should be sent. Without this form, collectors often make assumptions and mistakes occur.

Increases Candidate Experience

If the donor does not have an authorization form, the collection site may not perform the test without approval from the employer or third-party administrator (TPA). In these cases, the donor may have to call their potential employer or TEAM to resolve the issue. This wastes time and may cause a negative first impression of the company.

Allows Result Tracking

If a test is ordered in TEAM’s system, the status can be reviewed by the employer. Employers can see if the test is pending, completed or expired. This eliminates employers from having to call each time they want to know if a donor has gone in for their test.

TEAM offers monthly ordering webinar trainings for clients. May’s webinar trainings will be on May 9 and May 23. Contact TEAM if you’d like to join.