The Future of Drug Testing: eCCF

For many years drug testing was a paper driven industry, resulting in slow, inaccurate and inefficient processes. Over the past few years, drug testing has begun transitioning to electronic Custody and Control Forms (eCCF), making drug testing easier for both employers and donors.

What is an eCCF?

An electronic Custody and Control Form is an electronic version of the five-part, paper Custody and Control Form (CCF) used to ensure that a specimen is properly tracked and tested during the drug testing process.

How Do eCCF’s Work?

  • The drug test is scheduled in the system and an authorization form is generated. The authorization form can be downloaded or printed for the employer to distribute, or it can be emailed directly to the donor.
  • The donor takes the authorization form with them to the collection site, and the collector uses the barcode on the form to pull up the test in the system.
  • The collector uses the online collection wizard to complete the eCCF, which includes the electronic signature of the donor and the collector.
  • The drug test specimen is sent to the laboratory.

What are the benefits of using an eCCF?

  • Reduced errors by collection sites
  • 25% faster turnaround time for results
  • Fewer data-entry and legibility issues
  • Faster drug test collection times for employees
  • Enhanced security

eCCF’s are the future of drug testing. There are over 3,000 electronically enabled sites available to TEAM clients, and this list is growing weekly. If you’re interested in electronically enabling your account, contact TEAM today.