DOT Adds Oral Fluid Testing as an Alternative to Urine

A safety sensitive worker in a hard hat smiling inside of a forklift. Oral fluid testing

On May 2, 2023, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that it would officially authorize employers to use oral fluid testing as an alternate methodology to traditional urine drug testing. This policy adjustment went into effect June 1, 2023; however, collectors, devices, and laboratories need to meet several requirements before oral fluid testing can be fully implemented.

How Can Employers Address Workplace Violence?

Work Safety concept

In today’s climate, is the safety of your employees keeping you up at night? From COVID exposures to active shooters to cyber attacks, there are constant threats to businesses and people every day. As a business owner, HR professional, or leader, you are constantly having to evaluate solutions to mitigate the risk of workplace violence and protect your most valuable …

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New Pre-Employment Drug Screening Laws

Scientist at work in a laboratory

Pre-employment drug screening changes may impact your hiring practices. Over the course of the last few years, multiple states have eased marijuana criminality. These 18 states have legalized marijuana in some fashion. From regulated medical to recreational programs, there are a myriad of different regulations impacting this drug and its use. But what does constant change from state to state …

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National Background Check Changes for 2022

Hand filling out criminal background check application

TEAM Background has carefully crafted each of our background check screening packages to be compliant with the laws and regulations impacting your industry. We are familiar with changes impacting the background screening industry and able to support our clients in ensuring they continue to hire quality employees while maintaining compliance. A handful of updated or new background check regulations have …

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