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Success depends on streamlined Drug Testing compliance management

To ensure workplace safety, you need a teammate to help you streamline the compliance process. With experienced consultation, high-caliber customer care, and industry expertise, TEAM Professional Services serves companies of all sizes nationwide to provide drug and alcohol, background screening, COVID-19 testing and screening solutions, and occupational health services program management . TEAM is here to serve as your partner to achieving success in fostering and maintaining a safe and effective workplace.


  • Receive a custom workplace compliance program
  • Secure drug and alcohol policies developed for your program (FMCSA, PHMSA, Non-DOT, Etc.)
  • FDA, EUA-approved PCR lab-based COVID-19 saliva testing
  • Combine clinic, lab and MRO services for bundled and integrated drug testing solutions
  • Benefit from the expertise of a TEAM representative dedicated to your account
  • Ensure proper setup of random testing pools for compliance with client and federal agency requirements

Receive the benefits TEAM offers to help you stay on top of compliance

Request a quote for drug and alcohol program management, background screening, or supervisor/employee training

Register your employees and supervisors for online compliance courses and training

Drug & Alcohol Testing

TEAM partners with employers to achieve full-service drug and alcohol testing programs through consultation, custom solutions and ongoing maintenance.

Background Checks

TEAM makes the screening process easy for you by offering integrated solutions that allow you to order background screenings, drug tests and pre-employment occupational services at one time, through one provider.

Occupational Health

TEAM assists clients with occupational health services management by finding providers, retrieving results and storing exams into a secure online system for 24/7 access.
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Compliance Monitoring

TPS Alert provides the oversight necessary to ensure contracting companies are in compliance with operator-specific drug and alcohol program requirements, resulting in fewer incidents and reduced costs.

COVID-19 Testing

TEAM is committed to providing COVID-19 testing and screening solutions aimed at helping employers maintain workplace safety and get back to business as soon as possible. Fast, reliable, self-administered and event testing options.

Workplace Training

TEAM offers industry-approved training courses through a self-paced, e-learning platform with 24/7 access to training modules.

The TEAM Difference

  • Exemplary customer service with 24/7 support and an experienced account manager dedicated to your account
  • Ongoing legislative support, ensuring your account is up-to-date with federal and Operator requirements
  • Integrated solutions allowing you to have one provider to manage your drug & alcohol program, occupational health testing, background screening, COVID-19 testing and screening, supervisor training and compliance monitoring

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