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Background Checks

Performing background checks is a critical component of your pre-employment screening process, ensuring you make informed hiring decisions and choose the strongest candidates for your business. TEAM Professional Services make the screening process easy for you by offering integrated solutions that allow you to order background checks, drug tests, and pre-employment occupational services at one time, through one provider.



The TEAM Difference

  • Single invoice for all pre-employment services
  • Secure, online database with 24/7 access to results
  • Accurate and fast results
  • Ability to order all background checks, drug tests, and occupational services at one time
  • Integrations with applicant tracking and other HR systems, including ADP, ApplicantPro, Ascentis, ClearCompany and more
  • Applicant Driven Data Entry
  • Direct relationships with Key Suppliers

Background Check Services

  • SSN Trace
    Match an applicant’s name and date of birth with the SSN listed on the application. Find out which state and date the SSN was issued, all the applicant’s known addresses, and determine if the SSN shows up on the death index registry.
  • Employee Credit Report
    Get credit information on your candidates and evaluate their financial history to determine their ability to manage fiduciary responsibilities.
  • MVR Report
    Query the state DMV repository to ensure the driver’s license is current and valid. Get access to the date of issuance, status and restrictions, and all the license infractions and suspensions.
  • Federal Criminal Search
    A name and DOB search for misdemeanor or felony district court records. A name and date of birth search of federal court records for an applicant. Includes all available, reportable federal records, including criminal records, bankruptcies, tax liens and other records from the district and appellate courts.
  • State Criminal Search
    Misdemeanor and felony search reported by state agency, police or bureau of investigation. A name, date of birth and, where available, identity-based criminal record search for a selected state’s bureau of investigation records. Includes all available, reportable records including felonies, misdemeanors, and serious traffic violations.
  • County Criminal Search
    In-depth misdemeanor and felony search – most accurate up to the minute data directly from county courthouse records. A name, date of birth and, where available, identity-based education verification for institutions outside of the United States. Includes all available records for that institution’s system.
  • International Criminal Search
    Check all national, state and county-level jurisdictions for your applicant’s SSN. Lists felonies, misdemeanors, and major traffic citations classified as a misdemeanor or above (where available).
  • Nationwide Criminal/Sex Offender Search
    Our system scours national, state and county level repositories to determine if an applicant has ever been charged with a felony, misdemeanor or major traffic violation. Includes sex offender registry searches and civil records, such as protective orders. Screen once upon hiring or regularly with ongoing monitoring to keep law-breakers from infecting your company culture.
  • Global Watchlist
    Database searching thousands of database sources such as terrorist watchlist, OFAC, DEA, ATF, Interpol, sanctions search, etc.
  • Professional References
    Verification for an applicant based on their previous professional history. It can be tailored to address and identify key characteristics that your organization supports, such as timeliness, creativity, completion of projects, and overall competencies.
  • Employment Verification Report
    Verify that your applicant’s previous employment history was reported accurately. Includes the date of employment, position held, rehire status, and salary (where available).
  • Education Verification Report
    Verify an applicant’s level of education, and cross-reference elements like dates of graduation, areas of study, and degree obtained (where available).
  • Professional License Report
    Obtain a manual validation of your applicant’s certifications and credentials. Get access to hundreds of databases and organizations to prove that your applicant is licensed and certified to hold a position with your company.
    Check over 800 sources from all 50 states for fraud abuse within the healthcare field. Includes a list of disciplinary actions ranging from exclusions and debarments to letters of reprimand and probation. If an applicant is banned, the FACIS III report with alert you.
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